Michael Pollan's Food Rules

Food Rules

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Came across Michael Pollan through Cooked on Netflix recently, three years after his book of the same title came out. Watched Cowspiracy last week and I realized that there’s so much about food and sustainability that I have no idea of. The film bothered me so much about the amount of water one hamburger needs to produce, apparently more water than two months worth of showering.  So I went to the bookstore to get Pollan’s book, and I started with the shortest of them all, Food Rules.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Divided into three parts connects it to a central idea which is, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. Part 1, will help you know what you should eat. Part 2, is focused on what kind of food you should eat and Part 3, is about how you should eat.

The rules are really simple and basic, but we often forget them because of how fast-paced our lives are. So the rules are excellent reminders to slow down and think about what we’re consuming.

Here are some more of my favorite highlights from Food Rules:

Hara hachi bu (Hara hachi bun me), eat until you are 80 percent full.MICHAEL POLLAN

  • The more processed a food is, the longer the shelf life, and the less nutritious it typically is. Real food is alive—and therefore it should eventually die. (There are a few exceptions…)
  • Try to be aware of why you’re eating, and ask yourself if you’re really hungry—before you eat and then again along the way. (One old wives’ test: If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry.) Food is a costly antidepressant.
  • Buy smaller plates and glasses.
  • Treat treats as treats. Some people follow a so-called S policy: “no snacks, no seconds, no sweets—except on days that begin with the letter S.

Food Rules Book

It’s an easy read that I suggest you give it a try. Also, please watch Cowspiracy, it’s available on Netflix or check out these facts if you can’t.

Food Rules
By (author)  Michael Pollan , By (author)  Maira Kalman

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